Text Box: FORMOSA TOOL Co., Ltd.  is a world renowned manufacturer and exporter of gardening tools.  Today, with customers from around the world, Formosa Tools has become a well-established global brand, being associated with quality gardening tools that represent quality at a value price. 

When founded in 1974, Formosa Tools already had a background of more then 20 years in the hardware business. With the new brand name, the global expansion began. Furthermore Formosa Tools is proud to be the parent company of US-based GARDEN PALS INC, which is 100% owned by Formosa Tools and is a perfect example of the American Success Story since its founding 1983

Our Competitiveness makes you a winner
With an assortment of more the 200 different products, FORMOSA TOOLS Co., Ltd. provides you with all the gardening tools you need: cutting tools, rakes, small tools, watering equipment and many more garden-related accessories. With factories in Taiwan for Mid and High end products, as well as factories in Mainland China and Vietnam for some of the OPP-products, FORMOSA TOOLS Co., Ltd. is offering you the best value possible.

Quality Products by a Quality Supplier
Our extensive Quality Control System makes sure that all products leaving our factory are 100% flawless. In order to guarantee the quality of production and management, our factories are annually inspected by TUV (Rhineland and Thuringia) and LGA (-Bayern). Having its own Design Department for the development of new items for your market, Innovation and Design of products and packaging are highly valued at FORMOSA TOOLS Co., Ltd.; patents for technical features and designs have been awarded in several countries.

Global thinking & investment into our future is the foundation of our success. 
In order to guarantee our customers the best price, FORMOSA TOOLS Co., Ltd. has been heavily investing in Taiwan as well as researching the possibilities of establishing new factories in low Labor Cost Countries such as Vietnam. Good Quality, perfect Pre-and After Sales Service completes the picture of a supplier, that meets all your goals and expectations.

In July 2007, Formosa Tools, a leading garden tool manufacturer with its headquarters located in Changhwa, Taiwan, completed the construction of a brand new production facility in Taiwanese-managed Thai-Binh industrial park in Thai-Binh, Vietnam, which is located about 110 kilometers southeast of downtown Hanoi

It has been our strategy to remain a low-cost operator and provider, and we have been establishing operation and production facilities with that in mind. Our sales volume has doubled in the last five years, and we cannot continue the trend of growth without major expansion of production and distribution facilities.

Formosa Tools has owned a factory in northern Fujian, China since 1996, and the rising cost in China has become a great challenge to all manufacturers. Therefore the company’s management chose Thai-Binh, Vietnam, over other sites in China and Vietnam for its next production facility in early 2006. 

Our state of the art production and distribution facility in North Vietnam is  up and running, and our goal is to boost our production capacity by 200% in three years, while maintaining our quality and cost advantage.  

Lot size for the new facilities is approximately 54,000 m2 (581,000 sq.ft), and total building size is approximately 32,000 m2 (366,000 sq.ft). 

It features two main plants, two supporting plants, two 3-story buildings for administration, management, and other utilities buildings. No dormitories not required as local workers are not allowed to reside in the industrial park.

With the completion of production plants in Vietnam, Formosa Tool plants in Taiwan will be responsible for manufacturing of high-end products, R&D, distribution and consolidation of products from its various plants; and production in China will be transferred gradually to Vietnam to keep the cost down. We will also open a new sales office in Hanoi for customer visits in the future.

As our profits are driven by sales volume, our overall business strategy is to offer our customers Taiwanese-made quality tools at Chinese made pricing, with U.S. or Europe-made service. Vietnam provides us a substantial labor cost savings from what we pay in China; and the real estate and construction cost is less than China. The Vietnamese government offers attractive tax incentives, which means we literately pay no taxes for 14 years. We would be able to pass on these savings to our customers making us more competitive than ever.

In addition to competitive pricing and superior quality, our customers expect exceptional service as well. To serve our customers more efficiently, we will consolidate goods we manufacture in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam; and offer our customer one FOB ship point: Tai-chung, Taiwan. Our customer then can issue ONE PO, for ONE ship point, and receive ONE invoice for ONE shipment; and foremost, deal with ONE supplier.
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