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Hello Fellow Nature Lover!

We are garden pals and share our love for nature, gardening, and plants.

Caring for your plants and gardens is more than merely a hobby or a way to save money. Gardening is a lifestyle and a form of meditation.

It takes real patience and time to care for and maintain a garden. It requires constant nurture and offers a feeling of success you cannot get anywhere else.

Gardening brings peace and builds more appreciation for life. There is just something about growing something from nothing.

From Garden Pals, you can find plant care and gardening guides to care for your green friends.

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Content Team

Chief Garden Pal, Katie Mayers 


Katie is a lifelong gardener, passionate writer, and editor-in-chief of Garden Pals.

Her writing is based on extensive experience in gardening and caring for her 100+ houseplants.

She’s a researcher at heart and is always working on a backyard project. She enjoys reading and being in nature.

Garden Pals Vision

To promote time in nature, caring for plants, and growing food. We strive to share our passion and practical tips on how to keep plants alive and thriving.